THE CAST    

Trained at studio 34 (Philippe Brigaud, Claude Mathieu, Béatrice Lord, Sacha Pitoëff, Georges Werler), he has made a vocal and musical work with Tamia at Roy Hart Theater and mime with Isaac Alvarez. At theatre, he has played under the supervision of directors such as Gilles Gleizes, Jacques Connort, Alain Verane, Catherine Brieux, Junji Fuseya. On cinema and on television we saw him him especially in Les Brigades du Tigre
of Victor Vicas, Qu'est ce qui fait courir David ? of Elie Chouraqui, El Joven Picasso of Juan Bardem, Mi-Figue mi-raisin of Fernando Colomo, without forgetting to mention the numerous short movies he usually collaborates with.

Marie-Pascale GRENIER
Trained at the famous cours Florent, she approaches theatre by the classic repertoire (Molière, Racine, Corneille, Pouchkine, Barker) with Agathe Alexis, Marianne Clévy, Jean Gillibert, Günther Leschnik, but also extends the scope of her performance as actress through the practice of singing and dance. She also conducts a creative work based on improvisation with Christina Mirjol, Martine Guillaud, Patrick Abéjean, Jean-Louis Heckel, Didier Ismard and street theatre companies Kumulus, Entre chien et loup and Le Théâtre du Voyage Intérieur. She plays in various short movies and clips made by Radu Milhaileanu, Ron Dyens, Jean-Marc Gosse, Frédéric Benzaquem, Barthélémy Bompard, Christophe Averlan...


Guillaume DELAUNAY
This actor with amazing look rises on stage (L'Enfant et l'Allumeur de Rêve, Sainte Jeanne des abattoirs …) but seems ready to have a beautiful cinema career. We discover him especially as a centaur in Sa Majesté Minor of Jean-Jacques Annaud and recently in La Loi de Murphy, Protéger et Servir, Eyes Find Eyes... and on TV with Colère of Jean-Pierre Mocky, broadcasts such as Groland or DIAM’s or RMI’s clips, or advertising  such as Mr W  awarded by a Lion d’Or at Cannes. We will see him in the main role of Jean-Luc persecuté, a film by Emmanuel Laborie.